My Hero Academia: 5 façons dont Shoto est comme Endeavour (et 5 il ne l’est pas)

In My Hero Academia, Shoto Todoroki might be Endeavor’s son, but they’re pretty different from one another.

My Hero Academia de Kohei Horikoshi est rapidement devenu l’un des plus grands succès shonen de la génération actuelle, et le niveau de popularité de la série n’a fait que croître. My Hero Academia est un amalgame intelligent et plein de suspense des stéréotypes du shonen et des super-héros qui forment une histoire touchante de passage à l’âge adulte où Izuku “Deku” Midoriya et sa compagnie apprennent à contrôler leurs incroyables pouvoirs.

My Hero Academia présente un large éventail de héros et de méchants, mais Shoto Todoroki s’est imposé comme l’un des individus les plus complexes de la série. Shoto possède une force exceptionnelle, mais sa relation instable avec son père, Pro Hero Endeavor, met en lumière les nombreuses similitudes et différences entre le père et le fils.

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10. SAME: They Both Contain Dangerous Fire-Based Quirks

One fascinating detail that connects Endeavor and his son, Shoto, is that they both possess powerful fire-based Quirks. Shoto’s fire powers are directly the result of his father, who attempts to genetically curate Shoto into the ultimate hero who can defeat All Might due to his parents’ contrasting Quirks. Shoto directly rebels against his father’s influence by refusing to use the fire side of his Quirk for an extended period of time. Shoto eventually learns how to come to peace with this side of his power, which results in a very comparable Quirk to what Endeavor advertises.

9. DIFFERENT: He Doesn’t Abuse & Ignore His Family

There are occasions where My Hero Academia pulls back the layers on the personal lives of its characters. The Todoroki family has experienced a ton of trauma, all because of Endeavor’s determined efforts to surpass All Might and create an unstoppable hero offspring. Endeavor’s cutthroat approach results in the traumatization of his wife, Rei, as well as lingering pain that resides in his children, Fuyumi, Natsuo, and Shoto. Shoto’s prominent burn is even his father’s fault. Endeavor’s family struggles to forgive him, but Shoto steps up to the plate as emotional support for his siblings and mother in the interim.

8. SAME: Same Dangerous Level Of Blind Dedication

Before My Hero Academia really fleshes out the nuance of Endeavor’s character, he’s just presented as an obsessive Pro Hero who wants nothing more than usurping All Might’s supremacy. Endeavor establishes this clear trajectory for himself and basically turns the rest of his life into an My Hero Academia: 5 Ways Shoto Todoroki Is Just Like Endeavor (& 5 He’s Not) means to an end in order to accomplish this.

Initially, Shoto is presented with the same level of blind dedication that diminishes everything else besides success. This results in Shoto underestimating some of his opponents and causes him to fail the Provisional License Exam because he can’t see the forest through the trees.

7. DIFFERENT: He Doesn’t Hold Disdain For All Might

It’s fascinating to consider how some heroes and villains might have led very different lives if they didn’t happen to cross the certain individuals who triggered them in major ways. There’s substantial history between Endeavor and All Might, which leads to them not talking for nearly a decade. Endeavor continues to exhibit animosity toward All Might, but Shoto is able to realize the Pro Hero’s value. Shoto is cordial to both All Might and his successor, Midoriya, and is willing to learn from both of them.

6. SAME: Both Understand That They Need To Confront & Acknowledge Their Faults

Endeavor receives some substantial character development toward the end of My Hero Academia’s fourth season where he goes on an extensive redemption tour as he prepares to become society’s new Number One Pro Hero. Endeavor has built up such walls around his emotions, but he finally becomes ready to confront his shortcomings and do what’s necessary to achieve atonement. A similar switch occurs in Shoto Todoroki when he realizes that he’s not invincible and can’t just compartmentalize or repress pieces of himself. It’s almost as if Shoto sets the right example here that Endeavor is later able to follow.

5. DIFFERENT: He’s Good With Children

My Hero Academia’s Provisional Hero License Exam becomes an exciting rite of passage for U.A. High’s burgeoning heroes. What makes this trial particularly entertaining is that not everyone in Class 1-A passes, which leaves Shoto Todoroki and Katsuki Bakugo to make up for their failure in another way.

Shoto and Katsuki’s remedial challenge involves a wealth of young children with active and unpredictable Quirks. This leads to quite the unconventional battle, but through it, it becomes clear how much Shoto values and cares for the next generation of heroes. Alternatively, Endeavor has permanently scarred his own children.

4. SAME: They’re Both Brilliant Battle Strategists

My Hero Academia does an excellent job to establish that a powerful Quirk is vital in battle, but it’s far from the only skill necessary to secure a victory. Endeavor and Shoto can both be impulsive, but Endeavor’s notable fight against the High-End Nomu exhibits his ability to improvise and rely on his intelligence and instincts just as much as his brute strength. Shoto functions in a very comparable way where his battle prowess only improves after he’s able to think on his feet. Shoto has developed phenomenal special attacks, like Flashfreeze Heatwave, that grow out of improvised battle strategies.

3. DIFFERENT: He Possesses A Powerful Ice Quirk

Traditional elemental powers represent some of the most powerful Quirks within My Hero Academia, and so Shoto Todoroki is incredibly fortunate with his Half-Hot Half-Cold ability. Shoto has such a diverse Quirk because it’s the synthesis of Endeavor and Rei Todoroki’s contrasting powers. Shoto possesses this crucial versatility, but it takes him a long time to accept and embrace the fire side of his Quirk. As a result, Shoto is highly proficient with his ice powers, which is an area that completely evades Endeavor. One wouldn’t know that the two are related when Shoto uses this side of his strength.

2. SAME: They’re Both Determined To Be The Very Best

Shoto Todoroki demonstrates considerable character development from his more simplistic presentation in the series’ first two seasons. Shoto Todoroki becomes an early rival for Izuku Midoriya and one of his greatest obstacles during U.A. High’s Sports Festival. Shoto becomes completely focused on claiming this victory and proving how exceptional he is, and it’s hard to not recognize his father’s obsessive personality coming through Shoto in this moment. Shoto’s indomitable will is likely inspired by Endeavor’s dedication, even if he doesn’t realize it then.

1. DIFFERENT: He’s Able To Open Himself Up To Friends & Work As A Team

My Hero Academia explores certain heroes who value the lone wolf approach to battle and consider any teammates to just be potential liabilities that will hold them back. This is Endeavor’s mantra for an extended period of time and he’s determined to not only be the best but to accomplish this on his own. Shoto operates with a similar mentality at first, but he progressively opens himself up to his powerful friends. Shoto and Momo go through a pivotal exercise as a team, and it’s Shoto who suggests that Bakugo and Midoriya join him at the Endeavor Agency.

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